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Platform for full chip
power dissipation analysis


PowerMeter is an integration platform that provides full chip power dissipation analysis throughout your product design and validation cycle, from pre-RTL design to post-silicon.

By combining all of your data, including results from industry golden standard tools for IPs, cells, cell-based designs, custom silicon measured data and power scaling equations, PowerMeter achieves best-in-class total chip power dissipation analysis. PowerMeter provides analytic reports enabling SoC Architects, Product Power Engineers and Designers to make timely design decisions.


Power Dissipation Analysis

Performs average or transient full chip power dissipation analysis. Using the graphical user interface or the API, you provide the power dissipation as custom equations or in an industry-standard Liberty format.

Builds power dissipation Datasheet profiles at the Design or Product level. Each Datasheet captures the unique functional configuration of the design and system, such as voltage levels, board, package and heat sink properties.

Monitors temperature

Monitors die temperatures from the Thermal Profile in each product datasheet. You can measure the maximum temperature, the temperature at predefined sensor locations, and the temperature delta between the sensors and the hot spot.

System environment specifications include materials and their properties, objects dimensions and metal layer stackup configurations.

Plot Design Data on Graph

Does your flow generate a lot of design data? PowerMeter’s Dashboard lets you collect, filter, plot, analyze and track all design information.

Simply upload the data in JSON format and plot it directly, or specify equations to analyze in new ways that fit your needs.

Powerful User Interface

The powerful User Interface allows you to examine all aspects of your design and configuration.

Visualize block placement, supply connectivity and modal states, examine the design and instance modal configuration. Anytime, anywhere, and from any device.


Flexible Power Specification

Whether a simple number or equation at the pre-RTL stage, derived by your choice of golden implementation tool, or actual measured values, PowerMeter can handle all of it, allowing derivation of the most accurate power dissipation numbers.

Custom Power Scaling

Recognizing that model-based power dissipation does not cover all cases, PowerMeter is built from the ground up to apply custom power dissipation scaling. You can define custom scaling in the form of equations, which can be as simple as a single offset number and as complex as Process, Voltage and Temperature dependent exponential polynomials.

Unlimited Datasheet Profiles

Does your design have complex use cases? PowerMeter lets you create an unlimited number of design or product datasheets, allowing analysis of power dissipation for any use case or system configuration, satisfying the needs of today’s complex designs.


Full chip power consumption is a collaborative process. PowerMeter lets domain experts provide inputs directly into the platform and automatically integrates the changes.

Industry-Standard Model Support

To simplify design creation and updates, PowerMeter can load your data in industry- standard file formats, including Liberty, DEF, LEF, VCD, and UPF.

Cloud Native

Built from the ground up for the cloud, the PowerMeter Platform leverages the Cloud, with best-in-class performance. PowerMeter stores your input and the resulting datasheets for repeat use. For power users and flow integrators, we provide complete RESTful API access. Deployable inside corporate Cloud.

Version Control

Want to know what changed in your model, who changed it, and when the change happened? Built-in version control keeps track of changes allowing you to compare versions, and perform what-ifs.